ITS OFFICIAL, I’M AN ANDIS EDUCATOR!!! Roll on 2017 and roll on March as I’m off to New York for my first international trip with the team 💜❤💗

Lynndy Rolfe is an award-winning hairdresser, session stylist and British Master Barber from Northampton. She began her career in hairdressing fresh out of school when she was 16, working for a local salon group, but it wasn’t until a managerial position came up at the salon group’s barbershop, that she found her flair for men’s hairdressing and barbering. Stumbling into the barbering world by chance, Lynndy has become a rising star in the industry, achieving British Master Barber status and becoming Men’s Stylist of the Year at the FHA UK Freelance Awards 2016, whilst developing a passion for education and teaching the next generation of barbers. Known in the industry for her positivity, hard-working nature and determination, Lynndy proudly describes her cutting style as “fearless”.

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