The Press Relaunch of the Indola Brand

What a FABULOUS day the Indola and LWPR team put on!!!

So let me tell you about my day… I was lucky enough to receive an invite to join some industry influencers and journalists to the press relaunch of Indola.

The day began in London at the Magic Roundabout bar where we had drinks on arrival and a general introduction (which as luck would have it I was already well acquainted with the attendees!)

The Fun Part… Graffiti!

We were taken to the outdoor area where a group of wonderful graffiti artists taught us how to create a piece of graffiti artwork, it was amazing and as a team, we pulled off a brilliant piece of art all centred around the word of the day… ‘Indola’.

The Educational Bit

We went on to Don’t ask Janice were we had a lovely gin reception with the most amazing Gin cocktails…they even sprayed the ice cubes metallic colours!

We were inspired and the team drummed up a real excitement about the new street looks the Indola team created including the fashionable men’s look and gorgeous ladies long hair and sharp yet feminine short hair looks, the whole collection was incredible and really wearable.

We got a lovely goody bag to help recreate some of the street looks at home but also with bespoke products the team had chosen for us individually and a delicious Boomf marshmallow gift box, all topped of with some delicious canapes and more yummy gin cocktails.

All in all, an absolutely amazing day where I not only discovered my inner graffiti artist but got to take away some really cool and current street looks that are ideal for salon use, I will definitely be using them for inspiration for my clients this festive season and right through to spring.

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